About us

DANBANK – is an unique project of the electronic jewish bank.

British financial holding Launches Dan Bank in several countries simultaneously:


This will allow it to fund important projects for the Jewish community worldwide. Unlike other banks that provide traditional banking services, Dan Bank gives tzedakah, pays 10% of its profits to the development of Jewish communities.


Dan Bank is an analogue of the Jewish Colonial Trust London that was established in 1899 and reorganized in 1902 to the Anglo-Palestine Bank.

Theodor Herzl was the main inspirer of its creation, and he turned the bank into a solid financial foundation of the Zionist movement. Bank financed by Baron de Rothschild and other Jewish families. Creation of the bank gave a powerful impetus to the development of Zionism in the world, and its money financed the relocation of families who fled the anti-jewish riots, buying land in Palestine, establishment of the first kibbutz, that ultimately led to the creation of the State of Israel. In 1948, the National Bank of Israel was created on the basis of the bank.


Using a credit card and other financial products from Dan Bank, you are helping the community to implement various charity projects, thus, do not incur additional costs because our rates are competitive among banks in each region.

Each client of the Dan Bank itself defines what a community or charitable organization will be benefited from tzedakah.