DANBANK card services terms and conditions

1. Main and/or additional account currencies UAH
2. Opening a current account Free
3. Visa Platinum card holder’s current account management monthly fee Free
4. Card issue and replacement
– Visa Platinum card issue or replacement if expired, lost or damaged Free
5. Current Account Credit Fee
– Cash and non-cash crediting within the bank Free
– Urgent account replenishment in the bank (up to 30 minutes) 0.5 % of the total enrollment
– Non-cash enrollment received from other banks Free
– Account replenishment in BANK PERSHYI ATMs 1% of the total enrollment
6. Cash withdrawal fee:
– Cash withdrawal in BANK PERSHYI ATMs and tills 0.5%
– Cash withdrawal in “Atmosfera” network ATMs 0.75%
– Cash withdrawal in other banks ATMs  on the territory of Ukraine 1% of the write-off
– Cash withdrawal abroad NBU rate + fee in the amount 1,5 % of the write-off as of the date of write-off
7. Currency conversion fee:
– Non-cash payments fee Free
– Currency conversion fee 1% of the write-off
8. Fee for non-cash transfers from the current account on a customer’s request:
– Within the bank 0.5 % of the amount transferred
– Outside the bank on the territory of Ukraine 1.5 % of the amount transferred
9. Additional services:
– Additional Visa Platinum card issue if expired, lost or damaged 200
– Card replacement if seized by the ATM of any other bank 250
– Certificates issued  by the bank 50
– Monthly fee for mobile-banking service 8 грн.
– PIN code change at the BANK PERSHYI ATMs 5 грн.
– Current bank statement on paper (issued once a month) Free
10. Minimum balance on the card account 0

Tariffs are indicated including VAT

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